Our Process Steps

Assigned Academic Coach
(Online Teacher)
Individualized Learning
Lesson Plan

Assigned Academic Coach (Online Teacher)

Our holistic approach to teaching ensures that students have the necessary mentorship and guidance from professionals. The Academic Coach is a credentialed teacher specifically matched with each student. The coach communicates exclusively with the student through secured and monitored email. The Academic Coach gets to know the student’s personality, academic strengths and areas for motivational support. Academic Coaches have been described as cheerleaders, collaborators and life coaches. Our one-to-one approach transforms the student experience from that of the typical 1:1600 counselor to student (International Association of Counseling Services, Inc.).

Student Assestment

Progressive Learning ensures that the self-paced instruction and learning activities target each student’s specific achievement goals. Student’s skill sets in each subject are assessed and areas that require attention are identified. Students are aware of their own progress and receive support from their onsite instructor and their Academic Coach.

Individualized Learning Plans

Results from the diagnostic assessment are used to generate an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student. The ILP reveals the assessed skill gaps and identifies learning activities that need attention. The Progressive Learning model outlines an array of lesson plans that will make up the student’s individualized curriculum. The Academic Coach alters the ILP as needed for each student.

Customized Education Platform

Progressive Learning works with multiple, evidence-based platforms and, combined with its innovative academic coaching component, significantly improves outcomes. In collaboration with school leadership and faculty, the educational platforms that are best suited for their population of students are chosen.


Progressive Learning is responsible for all Pre and Post testing. In collaboration with school leadership and faculty, specific benchmarks are set to measure and improve retention, completion, and proficiency.

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