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In 2003, the University of California’s office of the Vice Provost commissioned an independent Irish filmmaker to document the Progressive Learning Program at John Muir Middle School.

After 6 weeks of the Progressive Learning program, John Muir’s students improved on average 1.5 grades in English and over 2 grades in Math.



In 1998, Epson America, Inc. commissioned a documentary on Progressive Learning at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).

LACOE serves students who are difficult to integrate into typical public high schools. As a result, the program was nominated for a Smithsonian Award for its innovative approach to learning.

Assistant Principal, Shirley Ruge, explained the benefit of Academic Coaches, “Most of our students expect punishment more than anything else, but with this (Progressive Learning) system, there is someone interested, there’s someone paying attention, there’s someone really listening and feeding back to them and not judging them.”

Epson also underwrote a pilot program at the Compton Unified School District. After 6 weeks, middle school students showed a 1 grade level improvement in Reading and 1.5 grade level improvement in Math.


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