In 2003, the University of California’s office of the Vice Provost commissioned an independent Irish filmmaker to document the Progressive Learning Program at John Muir Middle School.

After 6 weeks of the Progressive Learning program, John Muir’s students improved on average 1.5 grades in English and over 2 grades in Math.



In 1998, Epson America, Inc. commissioned a documentary on Progressive Learning at the Los Angeles County Office of Education (LACOE).

LACOE serves students who are difficult to integrate into typical public high schools. As a result, the program was nominated for a Smithsonian Award for its innovative approach to learning.

Assistant Principal, Shirley Ruge, explained the benefit of Academic Coaches, “Most of our students expect punishment more than anything else, but with this (Progressive Learning) system, there is someone interested, there’s someone paying attention, there’s someone really listening and feeding back to them and not judging them.”

Epson also underwrote a pilot program at the Compton Unified School District. After 6 weeks, middle school students showed a 1 grade level improvement in Reading and 1.5 grade level improvement in Math.


Assigned Academic Coach

The Academic Coach is a credentialed teacher specifically chosen for each student. The coach communicates exclusively with the student through secured and monitored email.

Student Assessment

Progressive Learning ensures that our self-paced instruction and learning activities target each student’s specific achievement goals. Student’s skill sets in each subject are assessed and areas that require attention are identified. Students are aware of their own progress and can seek support from their onsite instructor and/or their Academic Coach.

Individualized Learning Plans

Results from the diagnostic assessment are used to generate an Individualized Learning Plan (ILP) for each student. The ILP reveals the assessed skill gaps and identifies learning activities that need attention. The Progressive Learning model outlines an array of lesson plans that will make up the student’s individualized curriculum. The Academic Coach alters the ILP as needed for each student.


Progressive Learning is responsible for all Pre and Post testing. In collaboration with school leadership and faculty, specific benchmarks are set to measure and improve: retention, completion, and proficiency.

Progressive Learning has been providing supplemental education programs since 1998, offering services nationwide. Our work with students has been nationally acclaimed by the Smithsonian Institution, the College Board Forum, and the Chicago Sun Times. Our program is the subject of two documentaries about innovative approaches to education. Progressive Learning provides students interactive lessons that are tailored to individual needs and progress. Our innovative approach to learning combines academic instruction and social emotional support. This unique learning experience increases engagement and accelerates skill development. Students receive one-on-one instruction guided by credentialed teachers whose intensive coaching helps students develop academically while also improving their interpersonal skills. Continuous interaction throughout the program gives the support and attention that is vital to an engaged experience and successful outcomes.

Our Programs

Professional Development

Progressive Learning delivers training to administrators and educators in educational institutions to deliver the Progressive Learning model which includes blended learning, use of technology, and social emotional learning. We deliver customized training to produce the institution’s target outcomes.

Adult Education

Progressive Learning’s expertise is transferrable to help adults who lack the basic skills necessary to participate in workforce development programs. This innovative approach to accelerating basic skills education combines blended learning with individual Life Coaches. In addition to providing constant support, our coaches guide students to access under-utilized resources including: counseling, immigration and mental health …

Post-secondary Education – Corequisite Remediation Program

Progressive Learning provides a turnkey option for corequisite remediation. The program’s evidence-based practices feature individualized instruction, academic coaching, and social emotional learning support provided by experienced mentors. Progressive Learning will design, implement, staff, manage and administer Mathematics and English remediation. Progressive Learning collects and reports student data including Pre and Post testing results for each participant.

K-12 Supplemental Education

Progressive Learning is a technology-based tutoring and mentoring program which combines interactive software, one-to-one academic coaching, and onsite support in the school’s computer lab. Our curriculum is individualized to meet the needs of K-12 students in Language Arts or Math.  Instructors are credentialed teachers with proven records of helping students achieve academic success. Progressive Learning …


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